Equipped is the adult discipleship ministry at Ashland OC. We believe that growth in Christ happens at the intersection of biblical community and immersion in God’s Word. Our Equipped Ministry is designed to give people the opportunity to experience both biblical community and immersion in God’s Word.

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An Equipped Group is simply 3-5 people who gather weekly or bi-weekly to read the Bible with one another with the shared goal of personal transformation. Equipped Groups are led by Ashland OC church members. Joining an Equipped Group is a great way to learn more about the Bible and build new friendships. The time, frequency, location, and section of Scripture being read are all decided by the the Equipped Group Leader. Once you register to participate in an Equipped Group, someone will reach out to you to find which group will be the best fit.

Equipped Studies are 6-8 week studies that we go through together as a church. They take place three times per year and cover one of three topics: Theology, Bible, or Habits. The upcoming study is on the Book of Job. In this study we will learn how God works through suffering and how to find Christ in the Book of Job. This semester, the Equipped Study takes place on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm beginning on August 24, 2022. Childcare is provided.